Finding Your Niche in an Isolating Situation

FullSizeRender 2When thinking of a next article, I really wanted to think of a topic to apply to anyone’s life situation. Whether your home sick from school with a virus, in a bad place in life, or chronically ill like me, there’s still so much you can do to find a safe haven for yourself. Finding a hobby or just an activity you like to do can improve your mood by so much. For me, my hobby or activity or whatever you want to call it, is improving my quality of life with a healthy life style and also doing my make-up.

I know when people are in a bad place or aren’t feeling well, they can be stubborn and bitter. If you truly want to pull yourself out of a bad place than you’re going to have to work for it, it won’t be handed to you. Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

1. Eat Better, & move more (even when you’re in pain)

Before things got bad again for me, I had a goal to get into better shape. In order to do that, I changed the way I ate and the amount of activity I did in many different ways. 2 years later, I have almost lost over 50 lbs. There are really simply ways to lead a healthier life style. For example: cut down your carb and sugar intake, limit yourself to one sweet a day, add more fruit and veggies into your diet, and skip the elevator-instead take the stairs. This year, almost everyday I took the stairs to my dorm whether I had a cold, a flare or was tired. Once you start getting into the habit, you will see it will become easier for you. Even just making a deal with yourself to walk 5 minutes a day and slowly building up will help you out and the results are truly rewarding.

2. Find an outlet to express how you’re feeling

There are many different ways of doing this. You could do it through art (if you’re artistic unlike me), playing music, dancing, blogging, starting different social media accounts (twitter, instagram, etsy, youtube etc.) If you cannot relate to any of those, then something as simple as talking to someone you confide in weekly or nightly can help as well.

3. Distractions, Distractions, Distractions are key.

If you sit on your couch or lay in your bed doing nothing, your mind tends to run all over the place. You can dwell on what you’re missing out on, think about your uncertain future and become super depressed. Try starting a series on Netflix or finding a show you really like thats on most days (i.e. The Ellen Show-still on the bucket list for me to attend).

4. Plan Something to Look Forward to.

This could be as simple as going to lunch with a friend or seeing a new movie when it comes out. You could make it as big as inviting a bunch of people over for dinner or throwing a party.

5. Don’t Isolate Yourself

If you’re friends want to see you or invite you to do something try your best to go! If you can’t, then invite them over or facetime with them and catch up on life. Also, if you have friends who live far away shoot them a quick text letting them know you that you miss them.

6. Do things that make you feel better

This is my personal favorite. When I don’t feel well, I LOOOVEE doing my make up. If  you can’t feel well on the inside, why not make yourself look your best on the outside! If you’re not a huge makeup fan, try going out to your favorite store and treating yourself to a nice outfit or book. If you’re a girl: going to get a massage, or a mani pedi always can be the fix. If you’re a simple person: taking a walk on a sunny day or laying in the sun can be great too.

7. Set Goals for Yourself

If you want to clean out your closet, or clean your house set mini goals for your good days (i.e. clean out drawer, clean out closet) You never know what you could find! If you want to read a new book set a goal to start and finish it by. If you’re interested in learning, take some online classes, it will keep you busy!

8. There are still ways to make money from home

If you are unemployed and are looking for some money there are plenty of different things you can do. Go through your clothes, and sell them on the app Poshmark , last summer I made over $200 selling clothes I didn’t wear anymore! Open an Etsy store to make or sell art and so much more.

Whatever you do, don’t lay in your bed feeling sorry for yourself. There are many different things you can still do from your home or even your bed! Keep yourself busy & determined to get better!

Lastly, I just wanted to thank everyone for their love and comments on my first blog post. Each comment truly made my life so much better when I’m constantly surrounded by negativity.

Get out there and be YOU!



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